Hypnotherapy for Harmony of Mind and Body
Helen Kirshner, Certified Hypnotherapist / Reiki
"I had the most interesting experience by having a past life regression and a lot of things in my life made more sense now.  Thank you, you helped me to really see in what direction I need to move."

Deven M., Los Angeles
"After I had experienced difficulty of falling asleep for a while I began searching alternative ways to fall asleep and thankfully I found Helen.  We had only 6 sessions (she gave me my own personalized self-hypnosis CD) and now I am sleeping like a baby!  Thank you, Helen! "

Jane F., Los Angeles
"I am very thankful for Helen services, my family is thankful too.  I became much calmer and I am able to understand myself better and my relationships better.  The reinforcement CD that she created for me works wonders, it helps me to reinforce what we have achieved during the sessions. Helen, I'd like you to know that my family sends their gratitude as well!"

Cheryl C., Los Angeles
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