Hypnotherapy for Harmony of Mind and Body
Helen Kirshner, Certified Hypnotherapist / Reiki

How can hypnosis and self-hypnosis help you to cope with insomnia.

Unfortunately, at one point of time or another we get so overwhelmed with what we have to face in our everyday life that instead of going directly into sleep when we lie down we won't relax and won't fall asleep, or just after sleeping for a few hours we wake up and won't go back to sleep...  When you've tried all the remedies, from chamomile tea to counting sheep you might give a hypnosis a try!

In order for us to fall asleep we need to go through a few stages and the first one (and sometimes the most difficult to let go off) is a thinking stage, so it is recommended to skip thinking stage altogether and go directly into the second, the fantasy stage which will lead us to the hypnoidal sleep (very similar to hypnosis stage) and you will be able to go right into subconscious sleep and stay there until you are ready to wake-up.

Pick a fantasy (or a memory of a very pleasant event or vacation) and stay with it, by breathing in calmness and breathing out any stress or anxiety, just a few minutes of doing this exercise will relax and calm you enough that your mind will let you go into the realm of a deep, relaxed and very pleasant sleep state.  While you are practicing the above exercise you are practicing self-hypnosis, so congratulations you've just learned a new skill!

If you need more help into falling  asleep just a few sessions with me can help you to sleep soundly through the night, which will give you more energy, make you more alert and able to cope with anything and everything that life has to offer. So, call me today and start smiling again!

How you can improve your relationship by understanding yourself and using hypnotherapy.

Is your relationship not what it used to be?  Have you been disappointed by your previous relationships?  Would you like to  understand your loved ones and understand your behavior as well?  If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions than you should definitely go to the
www.understandmyrelationship.com and watch it as many times as you have to. 

After you watch the above video, you might start understand yourself better, and if you want to make some subconscious changes to your behavior and improve your relationship, please give me a call and I will help you to reach your goal!

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